Welcome to the Angelus Dedication. This is Version 3, entitled "Never be the Same Again". If you have been to the Angelus Dedication in the past, feel at home. You know how it works. If you don't know the site: Where the hell have you been until now? I'm been waiting for you! The Dedication is back with a new layout and soon there will follow new content, too. I just had to sort out the design stuff first.

The site is build up like a book, for navigation use the menu above. I've arranged everything in a logical manner, so use it like a novel, not like a dictionary:) Read the Preface first and proceed through the chapters. If you're not sure what the chapters are about, move your mouse over the links and you will see what the chapter is about.

And here is the complete content:

Chapter One Factfile. Know your enemy.
Chapter Two Timeline. What did Angelus do when?
Chapter Three Women. He had a lot. Have a look at the list.
Chapter Four Onscreen Appearances. Angelus centered episodes.
Chapter Five Quoteable Angelus. You know you love his jokes.
Chapter Six Angelus Slave. The club for the addicted.
Chapter Seven Leather Pants. Want some?
Chapter Eight Angelus Factor. Take the test and see how Angelus corrupted you really are.
Chapter Nine Company. The likes of Angelus.
Chapter Ten The Badder The Better Exchange. For your baddie site.
Chapter Eleven. Take him home. Angelus just for you.
Chapter Twelve. Angelus Preferred. Why Angelus is the better half of Angel.
Chapter Thirteen Alter Ego.
Chapter Fourteen Site Stuff. Guestbook, Memberships, Webrings, Affiliates, Contact.