Chapter 12. Angelus Preferred

>>> Those leather pants. No question about their coolness factor.

>>> His presents. Remember how he gave Dru a still beating heart for Valentine's? He knows what women want:)

>>> The way he arranged Jenny's body. That was art; in a crazed way.

>>> His dripping sarcasm. His lines are simply better than Angel's.

>>> His attitude towards Buffy. He's freaking her out.

>>> He's drawing a lot more than Angel. And he's good at it.

>>> The smirk. I mean, nobody else smirks that way!

>>> He's not as broody and melancholic as Angel. That's a positive attitude towards unlife.

>>> Nobody else manages to outdo Spike in an exchange of insults, like Angelus does. (this one is from Harmony)

>>> angelus is just so damn sexy when he's creepy

>>> he's incredibly witty

>>> his dialogue is waaay better than angel's

>>> the angelus flashbacks just have that sexy brogue working for him, and it doesn't come out much when angel's in charge. (last four by extraflamey)

Have more reasons? Mail Angelus's dungeon keeper:)