Chapter 1. Factfile.

Name: Angelus

Given Name: Liam

Turnt: 1753, Galway/Ireland in an alley.

Sire: Darla

Childes: Drusilla, Penn

Likes: Destroying the world, stalking his victims for weeks and mocking them, a good slaughter, leather, torture.

Dislikes: Being dominated, Gypsies, his soulful version.

Issues: Gets cursed with a soul every now and then, had to spend 100 years in hell, has this whole father complex stashed in his subconscious.

Look: Very stylish. Always had a fashion sense. Prefers leather pants, dark colors such as black or dark red and silk shirts.

Special: Has a tattoo on his right shoulder, showing a gryphon holding the letter "A" between his legs.

First Action: Killing his entire family, including his beloved sister Kathy. Managed therefore to build up a reputation as the Scourge of Europe.

Latest Action: Appearing out of nowhere, when Deadboy was fed a drug. Trying ineefectively to kill of everyone in the apartement. Was unceremoniously knocked out by Wesley.